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Be the face of your country and have fun!

It’s time to update your music collection. The new fresh sound is coming from Belgium. Have you ever heard about the pop rock band Palomine? No? Shame on you! Just kidding; well…since recently neither we but now we have all their songs in our mp3 players.

A French soldier in KFOR is jerking off in PUBLIC (Video) +18 only

KFOR or Kosovo FORCE is multinational forces which are responsible for the peace and security in the rogue Serbian province of Kosovo. In KFOR there are soldiers from many countries including USA, France, Great Britain, Germany, Poland and Ukraine. In the last 10 years while Kosovo was under the

Forrest Gump, SSSR and United Arabian Emirates (3 videos)

Forrest Gump, SSSR and United Arabian Emirates. Sounds funny? It is But what they have in common? Well…they are all amazing dancers, hmm…almost all! Let’s Dance. 3 super dance videos. Enjoy! We are sure that you still remember Forrest Gump and the scene where he is jogging.

4 years old girl playing with crocodiles (Video)

Four years old Margarita from Saint-Petersburg, Russia is playing with 2 crocodiles, sitting on their backs, pulling their tails… From the birth she is raised with a two predators that arrived in their home two week before the girl was born.