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Breath taking video made from the International Space Station

This breath taking video is a compilation of photos taken by the crew of the International Space Station. It shows the Earth and Space from the International Space Station which is moving around the Earth with orbital speed of the 28000 km/h – 17500 mph. Every frame of this video is actual a photography taken […]

Village People Mistake Sex Toy for Magical Double-Headed Mushroom

We would like to think that it is a common unspoken desire not to have to use the words “fungus” and “vagina” in the same sentence, but for the villagers from Liucunbu, these two terms took the spotlight in national news. During the process of drilling a new well shaft in the

Be the face of your country and have fun!

It’s time to update your music collection. The new fresh sound is coming from Belgium. Have you ever heard about the pop rock band Palomine? No? Shame on you! Just kidding; well…since recently neither we but now we have all their songs in our mp3 players.

A great story may save your life! (Video)

For the most commercials on TV we can say are boring, and some are even anti-commercials. Very rare you can see really funny and entertaining commercial that you want to see it again. This one is one of those, and is made by BETC Euro RSCG agency for the French TV, Canal Plus, which is […]

Have fun with the genie of the lamp called Akinator

This site is pretty cool for killing some time and having fun with your friends. The genie of the lamp won’t grant you 3 wishes but can guess any celebrity you think of. Like singers, artists, historic heroes you name it and even can guess a character that is not a real! We have tried […]

What is in the bra, or what else is in the bra? (Videos)

You have to take with you so many things but you can’t take everything with you. If you are woman you probably have a purse with you but if you don’t have enough places in your purse see this woman she will give you an idea. If you are man just take this woman with […]

Michael Jackson is alive? (Video)

Although there are 2 months after his dead, all conspiracy, talking, legends…about his life and his dead are not slowing down. The last in the row is that he is actually alive and some videos that circling on internet should confirm that! After the dead of the legendary King of the Pop Michael Jackson every […]

UFOs transported through Dallas or just a big show for the people?

It is UFO or not? This is the main debate on internet lately! A lot of “dust” about the new video on YouTube in Dallas! Before we publish this information we tried to find out more about this but without any success, no one wants to speak about it. And no one knows anything!?!?

World’s Dumbest Criminals

If all criminals are like these than we are safe from the crime! We make selection of the most funny, dumbest criminals. They are funnier than the most comedians bothering us on TV. Even if you already have seen some of these videos you will find it funny and watching it by second, third…time! Enjoy!

Jill and Kevin’s big day! A day to remember! (Video)

It’s like I waited my whole life, For this one night Its gonna be me, you, and the dance floor… this is a part of the lyrics from the song of Chris Brown “forever”! Why we are telling you this? Well…after you will see this video this song will have completely

Monkey business (Video)

A silly monkey is enjoying too much in very deadly game. It’s very brave, very dangerous and very, very FUNNY! This cheeky monkey is driving crazy few tigers in the jungle. He is in the air, everywhere…hahahaha. Like the super hero “Flash” gibing them in any way he please! Very funny video!

WC News Music Hit of the Week – Fuck You Very Much (Video)

WC News music hit for this week is Lily Allen with her song Fuck You. This song is banned in most countries, you can guess why and there is some new Radio edit version (censored version). But as always we will stick to the original. Some “experts” claims that this song is direct attack against […]