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Catia Rocha – the hottest soccer fan in the world

Catia Rocha hot and topless-thongUsually girls are not among the greatest soccer fans but that is not a case with the beautiful and cute and lovely and sexy, and so long… ladies and gentlemen: CATIA ROCHA! She is a real proof that soccer fans are not just hooligans and she also wants to prove that soccer is women sport too. Catia Rocha is supporting her soccer club Porto with numerous tattoos, symbols of Porto on her body.

Cute Catia in hot bikini
The hottest sport fan

The Porto's fan Catia posing nude
Sexy Catia in hot bikini

For our reporter Catia Rocha gives the following statement: I do not appreciate the people who are claiming that there are soccer fans and the only thing they do is to buy a club T-shirt or a scarf. I thing this is just for fans which are fans only during the match. As one of the most vigorous fans of my soccer club Porto I had in mind something more.
Catia Rocha, sexy soccer fan
Hot Catia Rocha posing nude
Cute Catia in great topless-thong combination

For WC News from Portugal,
Tiago Garcia