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Don’t fight with your mother. She can beat a LION!!!

The mountain lion also known as puma, catamount, or panther.It’s true and it happen in Canada 40 miles from Vancouver! A very brave Canadian mother was picking salmonberries with her three-year-old daughter, Maya Espinosa and then suddenly a mountain lion in full attack! The target was her daughter Maya! “It just flew straight towards her, jumped at her, kind of rolled her a couple of times and then was on top of her,” said Lee, the mother of Maya.
She jumped on the lion to fight it, throwing the lion off her own back away from Maya. She grabbed her daughter and started running down the trail. While they were running Maya ask her mother why the big kitty didn’t want to play with her!

Maya Espinosa and her mother Maureen Lee
Pablo Espinosa and his daughter Maya
The mother and her daughter, the both are fine, but the lion doesn’t feel well, he is visiting a therapist.

From Vancouver, Canada for WC News,
Ryan Smith