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Finally the one of the biggest mystery about crop circles is “solved”

Wallabies Kangaroos AustraliaThe phenomenon about crop circles that appear in fields finally is solved by Australian scientists. For a very long time there are a big debates and a lot of controversial theories about the circles. Some people believes that appearing the circles on the fields is work of UFOs and Aliens, other believes that the Winds (known as Plasma Vortex Theory) are the reason, Aircrafts, Earth Energy and now we should add on the list a Kangaroos!!! Yes, you are reading correctly, a Kangaroos!
According Australian farmers and scientists, a small sub species of kangaroos known as the Wallabies are the reason for some of the most unexplained phenomena in the Australian fields (and in the world at all???) The reason of the Wallabies strange behavior is their change of the diet. The wallabies in the last few years developed a ‘strange’ affinity towards an opium crops.
The Wallabies are entering the poppy fields which are grown in the southern island state of Tasmania and they are eating the poppies. According to the state attorney-general Lara Giddings the Wallabies are entering the poppy fields where they are eating a poppies and they are getting ’high as a kite’. The reason for this is the opium in the poppy.

mysterious crop circles
crop circles
crop circles that appear in fields

Crop circles Wroughton Wiltshire
Crop circles Devizes Wiltshire
Crop circles Roundway Wiltshire

Crop Circle Switzerland
The Winged Disk atop The Cosmic Tree
Crop circles double triskelion

After the opium start to work in the Wallabies organism they are going around in circles making the famous and unexplained crop circles.
When we are looking these pictures, we can’t understand why nobody before came to this conclusion, when it is so obvious. Now probably you are asking, what about the circles in England and to a lot of places in the world? The answer is very simple. How can a drugged kangaroo know where he is?
The local animal rights organizations are claiming that introducing a crops which are strange to the wallabies habitat will cause a more strange and bizarre animal behavior.
We just do not like to think what will happen if the Tasmanian Dragon or Tasmanian devil enters the opiates in their organisms. They can do this by eating poppies from the opiate fields, because even carnivores sometimes are eating grass and fruits. The other case is when these carnivores catch and eat the stoned wallaby which is easier than catching a wallaby which is not stoned.”

tasmanian devil animation
tasmanian devil

For WC News from Melbourne, Australia,
Jack Williams