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Fornasari RR99 – Italian charm, American muscles

Fornasari RR99 – Italian charm, American musclesDo you know Italy is a country with the most car manufactories? There have been more than a hundred! Most of them don’t existing today; thru the years some of the brands die but new stars were born! One of those stars for sure is Fornasari! Fornasari is an Italian car manufacturer that was created in 1999 by Giuseppe Fornasari.

Fornasari RR99 Italian SUV

After presentation of a concept version of Fornasari RR99 in Geneva Auto Show, now Fornasari RR99 is ready to go into production and very soon will be placed on the market! Fornasari RR99 is a SUV although looks more like aggressive GT and has a comfort of a luxury car. The heart of Fornasari RR99 is V8 all aluminum engine made by General Motors under supervision of Fornasari with 610hp at 6000 rpm and 748 Nm at 5100 rpm. The acceleration from 0-100Km/h (0-60 miles) is for impressive 3.8 seconds. Max speed is self limited on 280km/h (174 miles/h).

Fornasari RR99 Italian SUV
Fornasari RR99 Italian SUV

Power gets transmitted to the wheels by means of a central viscous joint releasing a 60% to the back limited-slip differential, while leaving the 40% power left to balance the front differential. The brakes also come from GM, but there is possibility to choose the Brembo’s ones.

From Milano, Italy for WC News,
Bruno Rossi