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I don’t need sex – The government fucks me every day!

I don’t need sex - The Government Fucks me on a daily basis!I don’t need sex; my government fucks me every day! A T-shirt with this inscription was wearing a cameraman during a press conference of the Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor. When she (the Croatian Prime Minister) notices the cameraman with the t-shirt and than… DRAMA!
She starts yelling to the cameraman and to the journalist at the press conference!
“You are all guess here, and all guests are welcome, but we are regularly elected from the people, we are not here from the streets, and I’m not going to allow this kind of appearance!” – said the Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor after she cancel the press conference!

Jadranka Kosor

The cameraman Ivan Cvirn for WC News said: “I didn’t have attention to provoke this kind of reaction. I just take the only clean t-shirts I had that day! However the t-shirt slogan is very true, it is opinion of the most people in Croatia but no one dare to tell that in public!”

The drama didn’t stop there!
Next day the cameraman Ivan Cvirn was fired from his job. This provokes a storm of reaction by the people against the government, mostly on the social networks like Facebook where every day more and more people have join the groups for support of the cameraman! Demand for t-shirts is whopping.
Also and the Croatian journalist association have a lot to say to the government! The HND (Croatian journalist association) sees Kosor’s reaction as “a clear pressure on media” and they are very unpleasantly surprised that the cameraman who was doing his job is fired, “evidently after an intervention from the Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor”.

For WC News, from Zagreb, Croatia
Drazen Krleza