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If you can’t defend what’s yours, what you are doing on Earth!

Frank Corti a retired boxerIf you are robber and you want quick money where do you go? Well…you are looking for old neighbors to rob them. A piece of cake! At lease that was thinking Gregory McCalium a 24 year-old robber. He broke into the home of Frank Corti, 72 year-old pensioner and he was threatening him with a knife asking for money and all treasure he got!
The only thing we didn’t mention about Mr. Frank Corti is that he is a veteran of the British armed forces, and a retired boxer! According his piece of art he did on the face of the robber (see the photos below) he is still in a good shape!

Gregory McCalium on Valley police photo

Gregory McCalium before the facelift
Gregory McCalium

“I was scared when he first threw the knife but then I said to myself, If you can’t defend what’s yours, what the hell you are doing on this Earth!” – said Mr. Frank Corti.
In the court Gregory McCalium said that he doesn’t remember anything but the prosecutor Angela Morris told Gregory that he got what he deserve and plus a big bonus, a four and half years in jail!

For WC News from Botley, (near Oxford) England,
Dan Dare