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Jill and Kevin’s big day! A day to remember! (Video)

Jill and Kevin’s big dayIt’s like I waited my whole life,
For this one night
Its gonna be me, you, and the dance floor…
this is a part of the lyrics from the song of Chris Brown “forever”! Why we are telling you this? Well…after you will see this video this song will have completely new meaning to you! Let me guess, your first reaction is why would I watch someone’s wedding? Because it is on and we can guarantee that you will watch it at least one more time!

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To Jill and Kevin

Congratulations as you start on the marriage dance floor,
May its every mile be smooth and full of joy like your wedding entrance!
We also like to thank you for sharing your big day; it was a delightful surprise,

From everyone in the WC News TEAM