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Keira Knightley – Provocative photos for new Coco Chanel commercial

Barry Obama from the photo album of the President ObamaLast time when we checked Keira Knightley she was flat as a surfing board. But in her new provocative shot for Chanel perfume Keira Knightley is remarkably buxom. For her fans she is explaining that she did not make any breasts enlargement surgery, but the slightly sized chests on the commercials and movie posters are result of Photoshop. The both posters, a commercial poster for the Chanel Perfume and the King Arthur movie poster is showing her with a bigger cleavage than you can notice on Keira Knightley if you meet her face to face.
While she was shooting the movie “The Edge of Love” she catch the director of the movie how he is describing her breasts to the rest of the movie crew as the “little poached eggs”. This kind of comments is making her angry but she did not thinking to enrich her appearance with breasts enlargement surgery like most of the famous actresses and female celebrities today.

Keira Knightley topless - behind the scene
Keira Knightley in Coco Mademoiselle commercial

I am very confident about my qualities as an actor, performer and artist. I am coming from the family of performers and artists and I know best that the appearance can help on the short run, but the talent and professional approach is what count on the long run is. The best proof for my approach are tens and hundreds of so called movie stars which were famous a few years ago and now nobody remember them or even talk about them today, said the famous actress for our agency.

For WC News from Los Angeles,
Emily Fresco