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Motorola droid – powerful online gambling platform

Motorola droid powered by Google's AndroidIf you like to gamble during your ride in the buss or a train do not worry anymore. Motorola and Verizon had to offer something revolutionary new (that’s what they say).
The big revolutionary news is the new Droid. Droid is a new smart phone from Motorola powered by Google’s Android, with a lot of features like: ability to run applications simultaneously, PC style browsing ability, high resolution graphic (crisp 16-million colors HD display), thin and slick design (perfect to lose), QWERTY physical keyboard and etc…
The developers even claim that the new Droid is twice faster than any of the rival cell phones.
Most of the testers give a better grade to the new Droid than to iPhone.
Eric Schmidt and Lowell McAdam
Motorola Droid
Besides playing online games the owners of the new Droid can even play online casino games and win or loose some extra cash. A 3.7 inch HD display is perfect for the most of the casino games and the new Droid is loading these games fast and secure.
Development of the new Droid is undertaken with a partnership together with Google and will have the new Android software platform.

It’s interesting that Motorola with this smart phone goes in open battle against Apple’s iPhone with aggressive commercials for the “Droid” with a main tag line: “Everything iDon’t. Droid does!” It’s getting interesting and we will wait to see, who is “doing” who.