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Oliver Stone – Venezuela is the underdog to the United States

Wang HaoThere are new presidents and new governments in South America. These presidents are the face of their countries. They are football players, they are farmers and they are workers. Some of them like Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez are born in the mud huts (green houses) and they really know what the needs of the people in their countries are.
But there is one small problem with this new wave of South American political reality. The problem is they are not understandable for a big part of American political figures. Some of them understand Hugo Chavez as the most dangerous person in the world and some even comment that he is worse than Osama Bin Laden. And all this because Hugo Chavez and his colleagues from other South American countries like to make their people lives better and to get on the international political scene independent and with less influence by USA.
This was the main reason why the Oscar wining American directors Oliver Stone make his trip south of the border to make his new documentary movie “South of the Border”.

With this documentary Oliver Stone is trying to make the new wave of South American policy more understandable for the common Americans but more important for the American politicians with limited understandings and visions for the future of the world. “South of the Border” includes interviews with seven South American presidents and all of them have some dissatisfaction with USA understanding of South America as the dirty backyard of United States.
On the movie festival in Venice, Oliver Stone show up with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez and they walk on the red carpet together. Hugo Chavez was chatting with the crowd, throws flowers and even took a camera to make a few photographs himself. Except Hugo Chavez, Oliver Stone spent some time with a presidents and prime ministers of Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Cuba and Bolivia.
“South of the Border” 75 minutes are full of changing and rebirth is the comment of Hugo Chavez. We are in the move and Oliver chooses a right moment to come and to be witness to all of it.
In an interview before the premiere Oliver Stone said. – “He’s a guy you should meet and get to know. … He’s the star of the movie.”
We only hope that “South of the Border” will be well understood by the broad USA audience and more important by some people who are spending time in the White House.
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