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Salute To The Cars – new rule for the China students

Salute all carsLuolang Elementary School is one of the thousands schools in China where the good manners are essential for the young students. Wash your hands after using a toilet, raise your hand if you like to ask or to talk with your teacher, take your seat before the bell ring, do not run in the school, be polite with the elders and other students…

The list of rules for good manners of the students seams to be endless but in the Luolang Elementary School there is a new rule for the students, something that exit out of all rules together. They need to salute all passing car from their way from the house to the school and back?!

The education managers in the school are promoting saluting of the passing cars because with this new rule they hope to reduce the traffic accidents and to teach children courtesy (which by the way is very important in the Chinese society).
Salute passing cars
Salute passing cars - Rule for students in China
Salute All Cars
China internet forums and bulletin boards are full with comments about this new rule. There are any sorts of comments but most of them are with negative charge against the officials in Luolang Elementary School. Some of the comments are “This is a SHAME”, “This is just pitiful”, “Are these people (educational officials in Luolang Elementary School) have a brain?”, and many more with a similar message.

Chinese students are still very confused about the new regulation. A lot of things are still unclear like for example if there are 9 cars (or more) in the row should they salute to each car separately; just to the first one or one salute on 3 cars!? 🙂
Can you imagine how would be like if this kind of regulation have New York even for a day?! 🙂