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Erotic Picture Gallery of Monica Bellucci

Monica BellucciOK. You have voted for your favorite and we deliver! Although before we made the poll we already have decided to publish erotic gallery of every celebrity listed on the poll of course without Sarah Palin (not that she is not hot, but sadly she doesn’t have erotic photos. If she ever decide to make some more provocative photos, for sure we will published) but we was curious which one you prefer more. The winner is Monica Bellucci in very hard battle till the last moment with Sarah Palin! The voting was tight most of the time and you had hard job to choose one from Monica Bellucci, Sarah Palin, Kelly Brook, Heather Graham and Megan Fox.

We also had a very hard job to choose which photos to show you here on WC News, because Monica Bellucci is so hot in every single photo, whatever she is posing with or without cloths. Here is the gallery. Enjoy!

Sexy photo of Monica Bellucci
Monica Bellucci posing on the floor
Monica Bellucci - WC News Gallery

Monica Bellucci posing naked
Black and White photo of Monica Bellucci
Erotic Photos of Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci in hot thong
Black and White wallpaper of Monica Bellucci
Posing in see through net dress

Naked outdoors
Hot Italian Actress Monica Bellucci
Sexy Italian celebrity

Monica Bellucci
Monica Bellucci
Posing in sexy red dress

Monica Bellucci - Erotic Black and White picture
Monica Bellucci under waterfall
Monica Bellucci in Erotic black and white photo