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WC News Music Hit of the Week – Fuck You Very Much (Video)

Lily Allen ToplessWC News music hit for this week is Lily Allen with her song Fuck You. This song is banned in most countries, you can guess why and there is some new Radio edit version (censored version). But as always we will stick to the original. Some “experts” claims that this song is direct attack against George W. Bush. This song was on Lily Allen’s MySpace Page since 2008 with working title “Guess Who Batman” and the first letters of the words are the same as President George W. Bush’s initials.
Lily Allen topless for i-D Magazine
Lily Allen
Lily Allen for i-D Magazine

Lily Allen topless
Lily Allen topless

Lily Allen denies that: “this song is not a direct attack at anyone, it was originally written about the BNP (British National Party) in the UK but then I felt this issue has become relevant pretty much everywhere, we are the youth, we can make coolness for our future, its up to us. Go green and hate hate.”
However this song is great summer hit! As always – Enjoy!

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