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Zero Star Hotel – Genius idea or Idiotism?

Charm of the cold warExcellent Ku-Ku clocks, wrist watches and giant banking sector are the first thoughts when somebody mentions Switzerland. But the business oriented Swiss, like to show and prove that they can offer something more or something less.
Having in mind the global recession they are offering the zero star hotels. The town fathers of the Swiss town of Sevelen were having nightmares the night before the day of receiving the bill for maintenance of the local atomic shelter. Instead of paying the bills the town council decides to put the atomic bunker in the local economy.
Sleeping man
Hotel beds
This facility which is several yards below the surface become the first zero star hotel. A couple of beds (blankets was there from the late fifties), some artistic ideas, a couple of web cams (which are showing what is going on, on the surface) and the town now have a hotel for the guests with a modest income.
Hotel service
Interim solution entrance
The Zero Star Hotel inventors
The price for the night in the Zero Star Hotel will cost somewhere between nine and fifteen American dollars. The first 15 guests already took advantage of this cheap establishment but only for one night. The hotel steel needs to be certified by some authority (we were bored to hear the presentation to the end).
In the case of nuclear war the Zero Star Hotel can be converted into nuclear shelter within 24 hours.

For WC News from Zurich, Swiss,
Adriana Christen