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10 most expensive bands and musicians in the world!

The Rolling Stones WallpaperIf you are planning a wedding or a birthday and have a couple of millions pounds, you can spice up your party with some of the famous bands and musicians in the world.
The most expensive band in the world which you can call to warm up your party is Rolling Stones. Rolling Stones will cost you five million pounds but you and your guests will have a night for remembering.

George Michael
Leona Lewis
Christina Aguilera

If you are not that much into a Rock music, you can call Elton John and save a 3 millions because good old Elton will agree to sing on your party for 2 millions pounds. The same fee is applied if you like to invite the Australian pop diva Kylie Minogue.
Other singer which is available for a singing at the private parties is Christina Aguilera. She is so modest that for a night at your party she will ask only one and a half million pounds. George Michael will cost you not more than 1,3 millions pounds and for only a million you can hire Amy Winehouse, Jennifer Lopez, Leona Lewis and if by any case you are into nobility for the same price you can have Sir Paul McCartney.

Here is the short list of the 10 most expensive music performers in the world.

1. Rolling Stones, 5 million pounds or $8.1 million
2. Elton John, 2 million pounds or $3.24 million
3. Kylie Minogue, 2 million pounds or $3.24 million
4. Christina Aguilera, 1.5 million pounds or $2.43 million
5. George Michael, 1.3 million pounds or $2.1 million
6. Amy Winehause, 1 million pounds or $1,62 million
7. Jennifer Lopez, 1 million pounds or $1,62 million
8. Leona Lewis, 1 million pounds or $1,62 million
9. Sir Paul McCartney, 1 million pounds or $1,62 million and
10. WC – NEWS choir, 617.000 pounds or $999.999.

Jennifer Lopez
Kylie Minogue

For just under 1 million US dollars you can invite WC NEWS choir and have some of the most educated, fun, humorous and smart group of people. After the music performance, we will mingle with the guests for free!