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30 feet long crocodiles in South Florida

American-CrocodileIn the past few months there are some unusual reports about the crocodiles and alligators on the wetlands and seashores of Florida. In this subtropical and on the south a real tropical state the number of the crocodiles has never been large. The American Institute for crocodilians (crocodilians is the term for both crocodiles and alligators) is estimating the crocodile’s number of about 500 to 600 individuals. The male crocodile in Florida can reach about 15 feet and females are no longer than 13 feet. There is nothing unusual about the numbers, but about the appearance of this shy reptiles..
Eyewitnesses in the last few days are reporting a crocodile shaped creature longer than 30 feet. They are reporting a missing house pets, cows and even a horse. The policeman reported that a large creature consumed his horse just with a few bites! Hi was immediately suspended, send on the vacation and told to be quiet about this accident.
American alligator
Salt water crocodile
The real estates around the bay of Florida are on the sale in the last 2-3 weeks and are 30% lower than two months ago. The local mayors are on the alert and in the constant communication with a federal government. Media are under the pressure, not to reveal stories about these unusual reports without any hard evidence.
A big flow of tourists from all over the USA is on the road to Florida. Most of them are going right in the areas where these incidents were reported. The income of Florida State in the large numbers is depending on tourism.
But is the money more important then human lives?

For WC News from Los Angeles,
Emily Fresco