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4 year-old-kid hit by a car in weird car accident in Turkey! (Video)

A car hit 4 year-old-kid in TurkeyThe whole case was filmed by the security camera. The 4 year kid on the street in Sanliurfa, Turkey gets hit by the car. The kid is unharmed and can be seen standing up and going out of the camera angle with crying. Later his father informs the officials that his son is not harmed and he did not report the accident to the officials because he thought that his son was only the witness of the accident. The whole case is like a miracle because the kid was hit by this car with a speed of more than 30 miles per hour.
The Turkey police officials arrested the man and he will be accused for speeding.
“To avoid the collision with a dog which was walking on the streen, I suddenly steered to the side. Did not understand at all how this happened!” said the driver.
The traffic in the Turkey is one of the most dangerous in the world.

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For WC News from Sanliurfa, Turkey,
Isabella Carrey