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A controversial sex therapy very popular in California

sex surrogateA controversial sex therapy is becoming more and more popular in USA for solving serious sexual issues and also there is more and more sex therapist or if you prefer sex SURROGATES.
The sex therapy or the sex with the surrogate is helping to a lot of people with a sexual problem like the inability to reach orgasm and especially to those with serious issues including phobias and former rape victims or at least that is what the surrogates are saying.
The treatment begins with conversation between the surrogate and his client and after the client will obtain a trust, the therapy goes to another level. This could be going even for weeks. If the client can’t obtain the trust and is not feeling comfortable with the surrogate the therapy is ending, and the client can try with another sex surrogate again.
Sex therapist
Sex Therapist
We make a contact with one popular surrogate in Los Angeles who is very successful in what he is doing. He wants to be anonymous and this is the interview we made with him.
WC News: Tell us more about your clients. What is the most common reason they are coming to you?
xxx: There are many girls and women that can’t reach an orgasm, some girls are coming because they want to lose their virginity usually they are afraid of intimate relationship or they are older than 25 and never had a boyfriend. The other category is girls and women with more serious issues, girls that have been abused or they had really difficult infancy, they have been constantly browbeaten or beaten by their father, stepfather, husband … They all find it difficult to trust a man or enjoy being touched at all.
WC News: Does your family know what you are doing?
xxx: Yes. Of course they know, my wife is very proud for what I am doing.
WC News: So why do you want to be anonymous?
xxx: Many people don’t understand what I am doing, many think that sex therapist and gigolo is the same thing, from lately I’m working only by recommendation of my clients.
WC News: How much cost one session?
xxx: Well that depends, usually it is $100 – $150 per hour.
There are many diametrical meanings about the sex therapy. Some claim it is the only way to help those people and some are saying that it is just another form of prostitution.
Barbara KeeslingAccording Dr Barbara Keesling (Best known as a sexologist and therapist, writer, and educator with over two decades of experience in the area of sexual health, at the moment professor at Cal State Fullerton. She has also been a sex surrogate. Dr Barbara Kessling holds a master’s in psychology and a doctorate in health psychology.)
“It’s a really good way to learn how to have sex. Some people can learn though books; for some people it takes hands-on experience,” – said Barbara Keesling.
And she added: “There are not enough people writing about sex, it’s surprising how little there really is out there.”
She also has written 12 books with titles such as “The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex,” “How to Make Love All Night (And Drive a Woman Wild)” and “Sexual Pleasure: Reaching New Heights of Sexual Arousal and Intimacy”?

For WC News from Los Angeles,
Emily Fresco