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A ring that worth $150 000 granted to a museum by anonymous

Ring returned to museumThere are still honest and noble people in the world. This was proved by anonymous guy from Czech Republic who believed or not sent back in the museum in Republic of Macedonia a ring that worth $150 000 which is a national treasure of that state.
Mr. Kiril Trajkoski who is working as a curator advisor in the National Museum of Macedonia for WC NEWS said: “We have no idea who is this anonymous person. He sent us the ring in a letter from Plzen City (a city in Czech Republic) with very short notice.

Although the curator advisor didn’t want to reveal anything more about the anonymous donor we succeeded to find out about the short note. “I believe that this ring belongs to some unknowing Macedonian ancestor, and belongs to Your country and Your cultural treasure. I receive this ring as a gift thousand miles away from Macedonia and I don’t want to keep it.” – was the short note in the letter of the anonymous donor from Czech Republic!

From the motive which is engraved on the head of this ring we dated 11 to 12 century. But we still need to make additional more specific researches – said Mr.Kiril Trajkoski.

This is the first time someone outside Macedonia to sent us back an artifact that is National treasure of the Republic of Macedonia! We are very Graceful to the Czech citizen for his honesty and his kindliness. – added Mr. Kiril Trajkoski.
According some information we’ve got, this ring worth somewhere between $100 000 and $150 000!

For WC News from Macedonia,
Aleksandar Gjuroski