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A ship with 1,600 tonnes of rubbish has travelled the world – twice

British rubbish is returned from BrazilAfter unsuccessful attempt of the British government to “pump” Brazilians with very quality almost recyclable British garbage, they got the ship back with 1 600 tonnes garbage!
What really happened? The Brazilian government had approved to receive from UK, 1 600 tonnes recyclable plastic but instead plastics they’ve got everything except the plastics. More than 1,600 tonnes of waste, batteries, cloth, used packages of cleaning products, diapers, condoms, medical waste… the list is stately big so we will stop here.

Now the Brits are investigating the whole case to locate the fault (although it is obvious for everyone) because they probably didn’t expect Brazilians to send them back a ship with garbage! By the way there are 5,751 miles by air from UK to Brazil!