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A thief raped 3 days in the raw by female hairdresser

A thief raped by hairdresserThe best examples that in Russia everything is hard are the latest news received in our redaction.
In the city of Kaluga, central Russia, an armed thief went to hairdressing saloon with a plan to make armed robbery. But the busy and quiet hairdresser girl, instead to obey the armed man and give the money, she took his weapon and with a marshal art move took him down. She was a tae kwon do martial art expert.
But this is not for a WC-NEWS if the story is not continuing in the most unexpected way!
Instead of reporting him to the Russian police, she took him down to the basement and then forced him to take a triple dosage of Viagra. After that she simply raped him.
She kept him in the basement for three days and during this time she had a sex with him more than 10 times.
After three days she told him that he is free to go.
He went straight to the police station and reported the whole case. After the reporting he went to the hospital where he was kept, because of severe genital problems.
For the police report, the girls state that the sex was consensual from the both sides.
In the short telephone interview, exclusively for WC-NEWS, she made the following statement.
– In three days we had a sex several times. I took a good care for him. I fed him on a regular base, I washed him and I even bought some new jeans for him. When he decides to live I give him some money.
The Russian public prosecutor decides to fill a case against both of them for an armed robbery and sexually related crime case too.
Why the thief went to police is a still mystery for everybody in the city of Kalyga. A week after this bizarre incident the whole city is still under an impression by the whole case. The hairdressing saloon is becoming a heart of the social life of the city and one of the greatest tourist attractions in this dull city.
As we understand an undisclosed number of high society female of the Moscow and St. Petersburg already visited this saloon for hairdressing but also for the juicy details of the story.
The time to fly from Moscow to Kaluga by plane is six hours.

For WC News from Moscow,
Igor Rostotsky