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Aircraft with unlimited endurance and usage

Noemi Letizia boating in the Gulf of Marinella in Porto RotondoMaybe it looks like some aliens technology but we are not talking about UFO here. This is Odysseus, solar powered aircraft designed to accomplish complex mission, to sustained uninterrupted flight for over five years at altitudes of 60,000 feet (18 000 meters) – 90,000 feet (27 000 meters).
This aircraft has Z wing configuration that spans almost 500 feet (150 meters). The advantage of this form of the wing maximizes the solar collection properties during the day and spread flat at night-time for better aerodynamic efficiency.

Odysseus can be used for communication, surveillance, reconnaissance and also for other intelligence missions while remaining in the required mission airspace.
Noemi Letizia having fun boating in Sardinia
This is the project was developed by the American company, Aurora Flight Sciences to achieve the ambitious goals of DARPA’s ambitious Vulture program, making five year non-stop flying machine.