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Are You Ready to Die Tomorrow for Healthy Look Today?

Girl in Tanning BedIn the last years health experts are warning about the dangers from use of solarium (tanning bed) and unnatural tanning. But most of the people who care for their appearance are dismissing all science information about this issue.
Actually many statistical results are showing that even after an information session about tanning bed dangers, 67% of the female attendants continued to go in the solarium with the same pace like before the session, 28% continued to visit solariums in the wellness and spa clubs but not that often like before and only 5% of the attendants stopped to use tanning bed. The percentages of males are respectively 55%, 32% and 13% stopped to use tanning bed.

The wellness, spa and beauty saloons and also all kind of country clubs where solariums are most common are working without any regulation and professional staff. Melanoma cancer is the most common cancer in the age groups between 20 and 35. The people in this age are most common guest of the tanning bed. Tanning bed are delivering five times more UV than the sun in the midday.

Naked girl in tanning bed
Nude girl in tanning bed

I wish I can change that is the comment of the Solarium victim. This 28 years old attractive with a golden tan event manager were happy with her life and suddenly her physician struck her with the information that she have melanoma. It was a must to go in the solariums and have a golden tan. It is not something what only few people are doing. WHY ME!?
The growing numbers of the melanoma victims are linked to the booming in this industry. In the last decade there are 500% more tanning and solarium devices in the all kind of clubs and parlors. The owners of such outlets are advising to not tan more than twice per week but they add that it is a customer choice, not an industry standard.
What is most ironic golden tan is a symbol of health and beauty.