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Aston Martin Cygnet or how to design a small car for just 10 seconds!

Aston Martin CygnetThe famous factory for super sports and luxury cars Aston Martin is going in totally different direction! We hope that the new James Bond will be only 150 cm tall (59 inches) because otherwise he won’t be able to fit into the new Aston Martin! It’s not joke although it sound like a biggest joke in the world! Aston Martin has planned to make a small car. Real small! Actually they have a plan to make just a facelift to the Toyota iQ and Toyota iQ is one of the smallest car in the world.

Toyota iQ exterior
Toyota iQ interior

We start researching if this information is true or it is just another “newspaper duck”. And we was surprised, not bad or good surprised but just surprised when we found out that Aston Martin is really going to produce a real small car!
We saw some pictures of the new Aston Martin and it was looking very familiar to us! It was looking just like the DBS version of Aston Martin (see photo below) only very short!
We came to idea. We show to our designer in WC News, who by the way is one of the best Photoshop designers in the world an Aston Martin DBS, and we told him that he have only 10 second to make a small version, something as small as Toyota iQ. Below you can see the result!

Aston Martin DBS
WC News version of Aston Cygnet

The other big surprise about the new Aston Martin is the price. This time it was very bad surprise! Although it is the old Toyota iQ with just some facelift the price is completely new! It will cost around £20,000 English pounds or $33,000 American dollars!

For WC News from London,
Dan Dare