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Bikini from 15th century was discovered in old castle in Austria

15th century bikini discovered in old castleBecause of the today’s stereotypes about the medieval period you would never guess how at the end of the medieval period, the women underwear was looking like. Can you believe that the women in the 15th century were wearing sexy underwear or something very similar to the Bikini! Ok, maybe we wouldn’t describe this underwear as sexy underwear according today’s standards although it is a very relative and many people would find it sexy but it is definitely something far away from the today’s acceptance about the women underwear of the 15 century!

15th century underwear found in old castle
The old Castle Lengberg in East Tyrol, Austria

Bras were thought to be modern invention, not appearing until around 100 years ago and the knickers appeared around 200 years ago of course by the well informed scientists.
Officially, at least by now the two-piece bathing suits well known as bikini was invented by French engineer Louis RĂ©ard in 1946, although as an underwear was used the last 100 years.

Even the researchers were having hard time to believe that this underwear that have been discovered in a vault at Lengberg Castle, East Tyrol, Austria is from 15th century. They had to run radiocarbon test which confirmed for sure it is a 15th century underwear.