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Breath taking video made from the International Space Station

Sunrise from the International Space StationThis breath taking video is a compilation of photos taken by the crew of the International Space Station. It shows the Earth and Space from the International Space Station which is moving around the Earth with orbital speed of the 28000 km/h – 17500 mph. Every frame of this video is actual a photography taken from the International Space Station.

Picture of the Earth from ISS
Picture of Astronaut in the space

Picture of the Sun and the Earth from ISS
Moscow and Aurora seeing from ISS

Knate Myers, who made this video, have used more than thousand photos from the ISS. The result is unbelievable and breath taking video. The music is by John Murphy. You have 3:49 to meditate with this beautiful HD video. For a complete experience we recommend you to watched on full screen! Enjoy!

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