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The City of Melbourne, Australia is the most livable city in the world!

The City of Melbourne, AustraliaThe citizens of Melbourne, Australia have one reason more to be satisfied living in Melbourne. The latest rating of The Economist Intelligence Unit (later in text as EIU), in their regular rating of the major cities in the world for the most livable have listed Melbourne on the first place for 2012. In top 10 most livable cities in the world, beside Melbourne, there are even 4 cities from Australia; Adelaide on place number 5; Sydney, placed on number 7 and Perth on number 9. After Australia with 4 cities in Top 10, Canada is on the second place with 3 cities!

Melbourne, Australia
The City of Melbourne, Australia

In making of their regal annual list of the best cities to live in, Economist Intelligence Unit in consideration takes many factors of standard of living but also and quality of life. The Livability Ranking takes in consideration around 30 factors assigned in five broad categories: the infrastructure, culture and environment; healthcare; education; and stability. All factors are valued with a scale of 0-100, where 0 is intolerable and 100 is ideal.

Melbourne beach
Melbourne Park Tennis Courts, Australia Open

This is second year in the raw that Melbourne is on the position number one according the same agency with rating of 97.5.


These are the top 10 most livable cities in the world:

1. Melbourne, Australia 97.5
2. Vienna, Austria 97.4
3. Vancouver, Canada 97.3
4. Toronto, Canada 97.2
5. Calgary, Canada 96.6
5. Adelaide, Australia 96.6
7. Sydney, Australia 96.1
8. Helsinki, Finland 96.0
9. Perth, Australia 95.9
10. Auckland, New Zealand 95.7


Interesting facts about Melbourne, Australia

– Melbourne attracts most tourist in Australia. The biggest tourist attraction in Melbourne is a seaside road with awesome views which was built after the World War 1 and is well known as ‘The Great Ocean Road.’

– According many opinion polls, most people around the world believes that Melbourne is the capital of Australia. The capital city of Australia is Canberra but Melbourne was capital city for 26 years, since 1901 until 1927.


– The first feature film in the world, “The Story of the Ned Kelly Gang” was made in Melbourne 1906. One year later, 1907 this movie was banned because was considered as glorification of the criminals.


– Melbourne is host of many world famous international sport events. The most known sports events are: Australian Formula One Grand Prix at Albert Park in Melbourne and the tennis tournament, Australian Open. Also we will mention here the MotoGP (Grand Prix motorcycle racing) and Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, horse racing event that has been running for 145 years in Melbourne.

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix
Australian Open Tennis Tournament - Novak Gjokovic
Melbourne MotoGP Motorcycle Racing

– The City of Melbourne was founded in 1835 and was known as Batmania. Later in 1937 was named as Melbourne after the British Prime Minister, William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne.