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The Most Expensive Perfume – Clive Christian No. 1 “Imperial Majesty”

Clive Christian No1 - Imperial MajestyIf you like to make a real impression before your lady, buying expensive perfume will be the right choice. To do that you need to go to London and buy Clive Christian No. 1. You can do the same if you are living in New York, at Saks Fifth Avenue, and Clive Christian No. 1 can be yours for a price of just $2,350.

Now if you really did something very wrong and full house with flowers won’t do the job, we recommend Clive Christian No.1 labeled as “Imperial Majesty.” The number of bottles in this limited edition is only 10. These bottles are heavy Baccarat crystal bottle with a 5-carat solitaire diamond set in its collar.
Imperial Majesty Perfume With Diamonds
Imperial Majesty
The price is not a problem if you are owner of some oil company, gold mine or if your grand, grand father was slave owner or a pirate and now you own a bank. The price is $215,000 per ounce. If by any case you can not find this perfume on the market you will need to plunder Clive Christian’s personal collection where the last five are behind safe glass and reinforced steel.