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Cybertecture mirror – a new technology surprise

cybertecturemirrorAlmost all of us, especially those belonging to the fair sex simply enjoy spending most of their time in front of the mirror, analyzing their every single little flaw before an important appointment. Well, if you keep complaining to your friends how your teenage daughter is spending ages in front of the mirror, now it is only going to be worse for you because the news in the advanced technology is called Cybertecture Mirror, or in simple words, a very smart mirror. It is not just any mirror with the only purpose to let us see our reflection in it and help us get ready for an important meeting, it is now our guide to the world as well.

This miracle of technology contains applications such as those showing the time, weather, transportation schedules, entertainment, daily news and so on and so forth. This miracle of a device is connected to the Internet and its main purpose is communicating information with the help of feeds that stream onto the mirror’s surface and in just one click you can get the information you need.
Cybertecture mirror
This is perfect for business corporations, public places and lobbies, but if you can afford it, this smart mirror can be a perfect gadget in your home as well. Imagine how many advantages and time you are going to save by having this device. So, instead of reading the paper or news through your computer and then in a rush start getting ready for work in front of your mirror, now you can get dressed for work and read the daily news without having to move an inch away from your mirror and what is more important now while you are in your toilet you will stay informed with the updates of WC News!
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