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Cycling bad for your health!?

A woman riding a bicycleAll our life we were instructed that riding bicycle is a healthy activity. But recently a number of scientific studies are proving something else. The cycling is bad for your bones. Some of the top bicycle racers like Lance Armstrong and Christian Vande Velde suffered from broken bones.
The reason is the lower bone mineral mass. In the study in which were included 34 male competitive bike riders is stated that this yang males between twenty and thirty years old have a lower bone mineral mass than a men who are active but not an athletes at all.

New two seats bike

After the careful check of the bike riders, the researchers find out that some of the bike racers have a osteopenia in their spines.
Osteopenia is not a condition usually find at the athletes in the 20s, which the whole study makes more surprising and disturbing.

The legendary George W Bush with bicycle
The President Obama on a bike

We contacted a physician and we had a perfectly good explanation for this study. The bicycle riders and bicycle racers are spending a lot of time on the narrow bike seat. This seat is not comfortable at all. In some of the cases the bike seat is going deep in the rectum and the body has one hole less for breathing. This is leaving the bicycle rider organism with less oxygen and the bones of the rider are suffering first.
After this explanation we give our bicycles to a charity…

grandmother riding bicycle

For WC News from Washington DC,
Carl Ackerman