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Do you think you can score tonight?

Can you score tonight?You are back from your boring job and now you are tired. You are not tired from the hard work but from pretending that you are doing a hard work. It is sound familiar? If you can not recognize yourself, probably you can recognize your buddy or your neighbor, or maybe your colleague? In the days like this one, we have a frozen pizza and we immediately going to see what going on the internet.
Besides the regular trash there are whole bunch of web sites which are promising that you can score tonight.
You can also receive a new mail in which they will try to convince you that this month is a ‘month of romance’. In the mail you will receive a story from the ‘member of the month’ or the story from the people which find their great love there. The owners of this web sites will remind you that they have a hundreds of thousand or even a millions members and one of them is waiting for you.
Internet dating can ends like this
All of them are ‘charming, mature, supportive, self-confident, smart and adaptable, with a good sense of humor, a positive outlook, and willing to listen’. So if you are ‘a male (or female) of emotional and physical strength who possesses a stable, secure, and very strong aura about him (her) – click this profile and make a contact today.”
The odds are different. Hundreds of million dollars are annually spend on the dating sites. A lot of people have their stories about the internet dating. Chuck Rice is one of them. “I never got even a date. I try everything. First I become a regular member, than silver and at the end I become a gold member. But right after my gold membership was confirmed and my money live my account the web site went out of business. The small web sites are simply made with a hundreds of false profiles. That is the real scum, but nobody care. The authorities are helpless. Nobody can prove that the owners of these web sites are scammers.”
Some of the dating web sites are real deal. The serious thinking behind the project and big investors are guarantee that this can be a place where is worth to have a membership.
Diana Muller has a positive experience. “First I did not believe in this way of making friends. But as a stewardess I was traveling a lot and I did not had a time for going out on the dates or hanging in the night clubs. So I give it a try. The first date from the dating web site I had in San Francisco. The guy was polite, clean, well educated and willing to show me the town. We had a couple a dates more before to decide that we can be just friends. Few weeks later (also from the dating site) I meet my husband in Chicago and we are still together.”
Then statistics and some unchecked researches are stating that there 10 people like Chuck on one person like Diana.
So be my guest.
Sign up but do not expect too much.

For WC News from Los Angeles,
Emily Fresco