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A dog “stoned” with marijuana start acting like a cat!

Stoned dog acting like a catI was walking my dog in the park. He was running in the park like he usually do and then suddenly start making very strange sound something like cats are doing, it was unbelievable, and he desperately was trying to go up on the trees – said the owner of the black Labrador!
She added: “I never have seen my dog acting like this before.
My baby is in the trouble was the first thought of the woman from Seattle when she saw her black Labrador with a glassy eyes and week legs.

Drunk dog smoking
Stoned man walking on four legs

The dog was immediately sent to the veterinarian who told the owner that the dog is drugged with marijuana.
The 11 year old black Labrador apparently found the drug in a park and got ‘stoned’ after eating a large amount of dried, harvested marijuana.

According Dr. Samantha Wagner, a psychologist from San Francisco, this phenomenon actually is very normal. She said this is normal even for drugged people! “A lot of drugged people are acting like dogs, walking on four legs, drinking from the toilet and even barking.” – said Dr Wagner.

The woman said she will borrow the dog to police to help them for finding drugs if they pay the $1500 veterinarian bill! Well… drugging is never cheap!

For WC News from San Francisco,
Isabella Carrey