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Endeavour launch postponed, astronauts are facing hunger!

Astronauts working on International Space StationThe planed launch of Endeavour is postponed again due to a problem with a hydrogen leak. This is the second knock-back due to the same reason for this mission. Yesterday we were one hundred percents sure that this problem is solved, but here we are again working on this ground umbilical carrier plate was the comment of the junior launch assistant James Lee. If we do not solve this problem in the next few days the astronauts on the International Space Station will face hunger. We need to make this junk to fly again or we will face a disgrace and shame. We are constantly assuring our partners in the International Space Station Program (ISSP) that we are able to lift off the food, fuel and materials for the normal working of ISS. If we are not able to launch within the next week, we will need to beg Russians to launch their space ship and to save our people in the orbit.

Artistic photo - Astronauts iside Internation Space Station
Completed International Space Station

We always have a problem with our shuttles. They are old and outdated. During the construction of these vehicles we were on the race with a Russians and we did not solve many problems which were discovered on the blueprints – said the other expert involved in this program.
We need to step back and see what is going on. We have no idea what the problem is. I hope we will found and solve. We will proceed forward only when we will be confident that we have a solution. I hope we will provide a minimum safety for the flight was the comment of the Deputy Space Shuttle Program Manager Le Roy Cain.
NASA has the same problem with all shuttles. In March this year Discovery was grounded with the same reason. This is the reason why the experts are thinking for a mistake in the construction of this subsystem.
Astronauts are still waiting.

For WC News from Houston, Texas,
Michael HAAS