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Energy from human waste

Energy from human waste - zero wasteA group of businessman’s from Washington show a big interest for The Russian Company “Cheloveckaja Energija” developer of a technology which is turning a human waste into energy! The whole idea is human waste to be collected, fats and oils to be extracted and to be used for a production of a biodiesel. The side products can be used as a cheap and eco friendly fertilizer for the soil.
Most of the energy experts agree that: if this technology shows a positive result this can be a beginning of the new era for the humanity.

This technology is promising that every toilet in the world can become a source of energy. The Russian statistical institute recently released a data which is showing what is the quantity and quality of the human waste. According to this institute, a North Korean citizen is the source of more than half of a pound of human solid waste per day. Not surprisingly for the experts is the data for Americans. American citizen is the source for more than one and a half pound of crap per day!
The rest of the world is between these two numbers.
Energy from human waste
Energy from human waste
Besides the quantity, the quality of the waste is also important. The quality is measured by the quantity of fat or oils in the waste. The North Korean specimens are also below the others on the list with only 16%. The American specimens have more than 48%. Second by the quality are Germans with 47% and with 46% the Brits are on the third place.

The technology is in the experimental phase but within 6 months a two technology demonstration facilities will be installed in Washington and Brussels. The Washington installation will be placed in the vicinity or inside the congress building. The European facility will be installed in the building of the European commission.

We choose these two institutions because the quality and the quantity of the crap in these two institutions are second to none! Is the comment of the Igor Mirski, the Russian program manager? We are planning the third facility within the next ten months, but we do not have a final place. The favorites are the United Nations building and the American advocate chamber.

For WC News from Washington DC,
Carl Ackerman