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Female Condom – FC2

Female condom FC2New female condom from The “FHC” – Female Health Company based in Chicago, IL, was approved by the World Health Organization and by FDA. The new version of the female condom now will be available in the U.S and will be distribute through HIV/AIDS programs worldwide. This female condom is made of synthetic rubber instead of polyurethane and is less expensive than the original version. Having FC available allows women to have more options, resulting in an increase in protected sex acts and a decrease in STDs, including HIV/AIDS.
FC female condoms are strong, soft, transparent sheaths that are 17 cm (about 6.5 inches—the same as a male condom) with a flexible ring at each end. FC female condoms are inserted into the vagina prior to sexual intercourse and do not need to be removed immediately after a man ejaculates, unlike the male condom. But they should be taken out before the woman stands up to avoid having the semen spill out.
How to use the FC2 Female Condom
Female Condom FC2
Unlike the old female condoms, the second generation is simpler for use and it’s less noisy.
“I find it empowering to be able to take charge and put on the female condom myself,” says Linda Arnade, a health worker in Chicago who has used FC for three years. “I like being able to put it in several hours before sex, and the fact that the material feels stronger than latex. I once had a male condom break, but that’s never happened to me with the female condom.”

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