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Female orgasm and everything you want to know about it

Female orgasmThanks to the valued neuroscientists from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey today we have more “clear” view from “inside” about the female orgasm. The team of scientists in order to explore the orgasm, they have been witness to more than 200 live-action female orgasms in their lab!
With little help of the MRI machine, where the female volunteers were masturbating under the “watchful eye” of the scientist, today we know a lot of more. Like for example, the female orgasm is lasting around 15 seconds which is almost double more than the orgasm of the males.
The female orgasm is activating up to 30 different parts of the brain and the “wave of the pleasure” are so strong and the nervous system is shutting down so the women can save themselves from the sweet “pain”!
We all know that women can have multiple orgasm but now it is scientifically confirmed and during this research some of the women were having orgasm only few seconds after the last orgasm.
According the neuroscientists this research will help the women that are having problem to have an orgasm.

Diesel Knee J

In case you wonder how the volunteers were feeling during this research we are presents you the statement of one volunteer. “On the day I donate my orgasm, I bring along my hot pink dildo. But as I enter the sterile lab, I wish I had chosen something subtler. As they hand me my very unsexy pale blue gown to change into, I have second thoughts – “How am I going to orgasm with five scientists watching me?” — but decide to push myself.