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Five true and right friends is all you need for a happy life!

We need five friends to be happyWe all know that the friends are very important in our life. Well…almost all. Some people are comparing the need of their friends with the air and the water, and some other are more introvert but all of them will agree; We all need true friends!
The latest research of the Nationwide Building Society in UK shows that is it very important not only we need to have ‘true’ friends but also they need to be ‘right’ friends and five in number for a happy fulfilled life! Probably you have a lot of questions about what is “right” friend for us and why 5?
The quality of the people that we are surrounded everyday is very important! We are average of the five people we spend the most time with, so their quality does matter! Also according the latest research it is very important and the profile of our friends. On the top of the list of happy people are those who have 5 friends with these profiles. One friend you truly trust and you can talk with freely, followed by a friend who understand you and can give you an emotional support when you needed.

5 true friends
Good friends for good life

The third friend is the one who understands the world of money and can give you good advises how to save money and can help you out with financial matters. The fourth friend is someone knowledgeable to whom you can turn to for everyday life advices and practical matters; and the fifth is a colleague that you can ask for help or can give you any kind of support in your work place.

The research also showed that there is a difference between the men and the women about the importance of those profiles of the friends. For men the most important are the colleagues that can provide help and support on their work place and for the women the most important friends are those who can provide them emotional support.