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French Special Elite Forces for Very Special Operation

Special help for special forces Only the best French soldiers can apply to the Special Elite Forces – SPHP (Service de Protection des Hautes Personnalités ) after many years approving themselves like the best of the best. And even than there is no guarantee that they will be accepted in SPHP.

After they become part of the most elite French forces SPHP, they are replacing their weapons with very dangerous French puddles, because they are fed up with the missions assigned to them like: walking the dog, buying the bread, pizza, babysitting, or taking the spouse shopping.

Although they form one of France’s most elite police units and trained to defend politicians against terrorism, they are allocated to minor dignitaries in little danger of attack, football players, journalists, second-string politicians, businessmen’s wives est.
French forces
French police unions complain: “Some of our colleagues’ duties, for example includes taking the personality he guards to a nightclub every week and waiting outside until it close, other colleagues say they are asked to walk the dogs, go down the road to get the baguette or drive the wife to the shops.”

From Paris for WC News,
Pierre De Grotesque