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Fujifilm 3D digital camera very soon on the market!

Fujifilm 3DFujifilm for some time is talking about their new 3D camera for commercial use but we didn’t know anything more about it. They will show all their “cards” very soon, because the new 3D digital camera by Fujifilm will be on the market in September! As we found out the price will be $600 which is not very cheap but also is not very expensive for those who wants to have something that others don’t have.

Fujifilm 3D digital camera
Fujifilm 3D digital camera

The bad news is if you like to see those photos you will have to buy and a special paper for printing and special LCD frame that will show your photos in 3D! Which means you will have to spend much more money if you want to be part of the new era of 3D photos!

For WC News from New York,
Alexander Mac Dougall