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Flintstones were playing flute – For Real!

Germany Prehistoric FluteWhen we’ve got this information we immediately start enjoying more of sound of the flute! 35 000 years ago, in the Stone Age, humans were doing Stone Age jams and guess what, they were playing a flute!
In Germany during an archeological work, archaeologists say they’ve discovered a flute 35 000 old, and that would be the oldest instrument discovered so far! In 2004, also was found a 30,000-year-old, 7-inch flute nearby Geissenklosterle cave and few year ago in Republic of Macedonia was discovered a 6 000 years old flute. We can guess that the flute was very popular instrument in the past; there weren’t any musical groups without a flute player.

35000 year old flute in Germany
Nicholas J. Conard holds the Prehistoric Flute
globular flute macedonia

The 8.6-inch-long flute was made from the wing bone of a vulture and has five holes and a notched end. As Mr. Nicholas J. Conard, archaeologist of University of Tubingen in Germany said some parts of the flute are missing and we are not able to listen how this 35000 years old flute sounds. But he made an identical copy from a wing bone of a vulture and he said it sound nearly same as today’s flute.

For WC News from Berlin, Germany
Hannah Goldberg