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Hey, where are you going with that face!

Free beer for the best insultAre you talking to me? Move your fat ass and bring me a beer! If you say something like this in Casa Pocho a pub near Venice you will get a beer, for FREE!

Bernard Marius and Mihail Lotoski the owners of Casa Pocho came to unique idea. The one, who will say unique insult for the owner, will get a free beer!
There is just one rule! You can’t say “son of a bitch”!

Beer lover
Girl with a lot of beers

“Even 70-year-olds are coming to my pub just to insult me, they can say whatever they want, and only “son of a bitch” is not allowed!
“Its recession and we all have a hard time. It’s better to insult me here than their wives at home. I hope their wives will appreciate what I am doing” – Mr. Bernard said smiling.
He added: “Ironical but the best insult actually was from someone’s wife. She said I have ears like a car with doors open, so I will have no problem to hear every time when she will say to move my fat ass and to bring her a beer! The guests are usually shy and there are no hard insults at least for now… I am trying to bring the best of them asking – Hey, where are you going with that face!?”

For WC News from Venice,
Anna Maria Lombardi