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His dream come truth – Hired to impregnate a neighbors wife!

In bed with a neighbors wifeDemetrius Copulas (by the way his name means copulation, which we find very ironic); a naturalized German of Greek origin hired his neighbor Frank Maus to make his wife pregnant. Demetrius and his wife Trauta (former Miss Greece) after a few years trying to have a baby realized that Demetrius is sterile. They decided to hire the neighbor to do the job for a sum of 2500 euro.
The neighbor Frank in the spirit of a good neighbor, but also for the attributes of the former Miss Greece, agreed for 2500 euro to do the job.
Exclusively for WC-NEWS in the short telephone interview, Frank made the following statement.

– I was watching Trauta every day and she become my obsession. I was secretly making plans how to get closer to her and finally we become e good friends with her and her husband. What happened after a few weeks excided my wildest expectations! Her husband Dem (Demetrius), asked me out in the bar to discuss some serious issues. In the first I was frightened that Dem discovered my obsession toward his wife, but when he asks me for a help I went speechless in the next few minutes. He offered me to have a sex with his wife until she get pregnant and he offered me a 2500 euro for that. I told him that I like to help for free but I will need to take the money so I can have a reason in front of my wife. He asks me can I start that night and I agree.
That night I went back to their house and had a greatest and most passionate sex in my life, while Dem was sitting at the bar. We repeat that 72 times.

The story is not ending here!
After 6 months, 3 times a week of sex with his wife, Demetrius ask his neighbor Frank to take tests in the local hospital. The results were a big blow for both because they show Frank is sterile too!
The story is becoming more bizarre because Frank have two children with his wife.
Frank wife after a short conversation revealed to Frank that she had passionate relationships during their live together and he is not a biological father to their children. In this moment a judge is trying to bring a court decision, because Demetrius is asking his money back and Tom brought a statement that he did not guarantee a result, but only that he will try the best.

For WC News from Berlin,
Hannah Goldberg