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Honduran Chancellor Ortez will enter into the Guinness Records

Honduran Chancellor Enrique OrtizWe have no idea if the Honduran Chancellor Enrique Ortez was trying to enter into the Guinness Book of Records by offending as much colleges and countries as he can during one interview but somehow he manage to offend the President Barack Obama, the Spanish premier Jose Rodriguez and his neighboring country El Salvador in just one very short interview.
For the President Obama, Mr. Ortez said: “Ese Negrito Que No Sabe Nada de Nada,” which means “Little Black Man Who Knows Nothing”.
This happened during the interview in public and the whole interview was emitted on the Honduran television.
Mr. Enrique Ortez Colindres use the word “negrito” which is considered as very racist in Honduras. The same word spoken is United States will be a reason for a resignation of any political figure.
Also very strange is the mentioning of the word “little” because Mr. Barack Obama is a foot taller than Mr. Enrique Ortez Colindrez, and also is “bigger” then Ortez by any other meaning.
In the interview Mr. Ortez Colindrez also manage to insult two other countries.
For the Spanish premier he commented that he (Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero) need to go back to his shoes and for the neighboring country El Salvador Mr. Enrique Ortez Colindrez commented “it’s not worth talking about such a small country, where you can’t even play football because the ball lands in another country”.
Mr Ortez who is a foreign minister in the same time, was spoken all this rubbish in an attempt to defend himself and his comrades by the growing criticism from the international community.

For WC News from Washington DC,
Carl Ackerman