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How many camels is your girlfriend worth?

How many camels is your girlfriend worth?If ever decide to go to Egypt with your girlfriend to visit the pyramids or to other country in North Africa or the Arabian Peninsula, there is a big chance you will get a special offer for your girlfriend that you can’t refuse.
Especially if your girlfriend is really hot, the local guys immediately will offer you camels and other goods for exchange of your girlfriend. But don’t get fooled, before going, find out exactly how much your girlfriend worth.

Namely, the website Girlfriend for Camels Calculator possesses a smart calculator and all you have to do is to enter the basic info about your girlfriend. For example, how old is she; the color of her hair; her weight… So find out approximately how much your girlfriend worth! If you are satisfied, you can get in touch through the same website with a Bedouin sheik that is ready to pay the price.