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How to face UFO? Daniel Sort has all information you need!

UAF PredatorDaniel Sort from the Austrian town of Unterpuchenay near Linz is claiming that he meets UFO almost every month. He explains how to face UFO, to have some meaningless conversation and most important to stay safe. Here are five basic UFO advices.
Safe with an UFO crew – If you face UFO you need to stay calm. Act as they are no treat to you. UFO has a crew probably smarter than you and me together and they can participate anything you might thing. Just stay calm and let the UFO to go away.
Talk to the UFO crew – As you talk with the crew of your bus or train. Actually talk with the UFO crew as you are talking with the people you meet around in your every day life. Usually the UFO crew will have some questions for you and try to answer the questions honestly. The UFO crew had a way how to tell the difference between the truth and lies. If you don’t know something, panic is not an option. Just be honest and say that you do not know that.
To ask the UFO crew for a favor – Is not something impossible. Just do not ask for the UFO blueprints or how to make gold from the dirt. But if you ask to give you a ride probably they will agree. I have a UFO flights almost on the regular basis. If the UFO have a mission to fly around for observing the crew will be glad to give you a ride. Also UFO despite the technology needs some local guy to show them the area.

UAF Predator

Guest to UFO – I was guest on other planets 5 or 6 times but I can not remember any thing. The UFO folks will get to their planet and after some time they will give you a ride back to Earth. Before you get out of the UFO they will erase your memory for the visit. This is for your own safety because a lot of organizations will like to lock you and extract any valuable info from you.
UFO near home – Is sometimes good and sometimes bad. If they bring the drinks and food make sure that you have the same physiology. A lot of times the UFO crew can eat and drink anything we consume but it is not other way around. Sometimes I experienced stomach problems. Three months ago a UFO physician gives me something to drink and since then I can eat almost everything. If they like your cooking, you will have them any time when they are in the neighborhood.
That mean in this solar system.
By the way if you have some question for our UFOs expert Daniel Sort and the best pal to the aliens don’t hesitate to ask! He will try to answer as much question as he can!

Good luck!

For WC News from Linz, Austria
Johann Schwarz