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Interesting facts that you probably don’t know!

Interesting factsHere are some interesting facts about animals, people and everyday life stuff that most people don’t know.

– The camel is a world-famous animal that can live longest without water; however, the mouse can survive entirely without water the longest time. The camels believed or not are on 3rd place after Giraffes!


– Starting a Chess game is very simple. There are not too many possibilities at the opening, right? Wrong! The number of possible ways to open in a game of chess within the first four moves, believe or not, is 318,979,564,000.
– The human body is very flexible; however, it is impossible for a person to lick his own elbow!


– The female ferret cannot live without a male partner. If a female ferret does not find a male partner during its heat period, the female ferret will die. And you thought you had love problems!
Photo of Cute Ferret
Photo of Oscar statuette made of plaster
– During the Second World War, metal was really pricey and very rare to find. That’s the reason why Oscars during that time were made of plaster. Lately, the recipients of plaster Oscars have been able to change them into gold-plated Oscars.


– The famous comedian and actor during the silent movies era, Charlie Chaplin, participated in a contest in which he won 3rd place. This information wouldn’t be so unbelievable if that contest wasn’t about who will look more like Charlie Chaplin!
Charlie Chaplin look-alike competition

– Do you know which book holds the “Guinness” record for the most stolen book from the libraries? No, it is not the Bible! It is actually the Guinness Book of Records itself!


– 95% of those who are reading this article have tried to lick their own elbow!