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Invisible phantom is slapping people in Sacramento!

Invisible phantom slapping in SacramentoCathy Orange from Sacramento, while she was waiting for the light rail she was slapped in the face by invisible force. Her friend Michelle Banta claims she was once pushed at the same area. The police can’t do anything about it so the case is in the hands of experts for abnormal phenomenon.
The experts have checked out the area where the phantom is slapping people and they got an EVP of a man. After that with great help of David Mace, ex police officer with 18 years of law enforcement, they made a list of suspicious.
No 1 Most Likely the Slapper is Fredrick Karl Johnson, a 39-year-old man, who was found shot and killed early Sunday near the Alkali Flat light-rail train station in downtown Sacramento.
But why would the ghost slap and push people? The expert assume that he is trying worn them that the area where they are waiting for the light rail is a dangerous area, because it is the area in which he was killed.

For WC News from Sacramento, California
Laura Bukowski