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“New” iPhone 3G S

iPhone 3G SJohn Lennon was singing – All we need is love, and most of the people around the world are screaming – All we need is to make a phone call and send a SMS. If you are one of this people do not read anymore.
If by any case you need more features from your cell phone we would like to present the new iPhone 3G S. The last letter “S” is stand for – We made some minor changes to our iPhone 3G and we expect you Suckers to buy it!
Apple claims that the new iPhone 3G S is the most powerful, fastest, with a lot of memory phone in the world. With this phone you can do usual things like video recording, voice control, making pictures, listening music and believe or not on some occasions you can make a phone calls too.
The new iPhone 3G S is packing 16 and 32 gigabytes memory. If you like to have it, you will need to pay 199 dollars for the first one or 299 dollars for the 32 gigabytes version.
These prices are not for the phone itself. You will need to signup a two years agreement with one of the cellular networks and pay additional bucks every month.
iPhone 3G S
iPhone 3G S
With the new iPhone 3G S you can launch applications a little bit faster than with iPhone 3G. Downloading of data is also faster so you can see your favorite web pages faster and if by any case you have somebody to send you an e-mail, you can see the attachments faster than with the good old iPhone 3G. If you lost your job and you have nothing to do all day long, with the new iPhone 3G S you will have better gaming experience because the 3D graphic has improved performance.
Plug the new iPhone 3G S to the power socket and get ready for tonight. The new iPhone 3G S has improved video capabilities. Making a naughty home video is easy and fun. Just shoot the video, wait for your girl to go to the bathroom and you can share, edit or just e-mail to your friends. The high quality VGA video can be posted to your MobileMe gallery, you can publish it on YouTube or you can send it to your PS or Mac using iTunes.
iPhone 3G S
iPhone 3G S
The new iPhone 3G S have a new 3 mega pixel camera, voice control, compass, you can copy and paste words and photos from the web or the applications on the phone and import them in the other applications. The landscape keyboard gives you more space for working so you can write mail, messages and notes faster and spotlight search can find everything you have on your iPhone.
The new iPhone 3G S also offer some features for the visually or hearing impaired, including the Voice-Over screen reader, zoom, white on black display, mono audio and etc…
You can access the internet from almost everywhere, for the voice memos there are new Voice Memos application, the stupid Nike support is built in so you just need to slip the Nike and iPod sensor and start with workout. Of course the suckers who are using these kinds of features will need to buy the sensor separately. On the new iPhone 3G S you can watch over your stocks with the Stock application, you can watch YouTube videos, you can use the compass if there are no strong magnetic fields around.
The phone calls are crappy, extremely bad, unpleasant, inferior and lousy as on the old one iPhone 3G.

For WC News from New York,
Alexander Mac Dougall